Your Genetic Owner’s Manual For A Healthier Lifestyle

Results Of Your xChemistryFit DNA test confidently directs you, in scientific detail, how genetics play a role your health and wellness programs



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Give Yourself the Knowledge to Achieve Better Health!


Learn how your genetics dictate your tolerance to carbohydrates, your success with weight loss, your needed fat intake, and your recovery response time.


Your body processes vitamins and minerals uniquely.Your Fitness report will teach you what foods and supplements you should consume to feel your best.


Let us tell you what types of exercise your body reacts best to, your aerobic potential and your risk of injury while training just to name a few.

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The information your DNA unlocks will never change.  We will be able to continually help you understand your personal genetic requirements as new tests become available. Your DNA analysis will provide personalized guidance on:

  • Tolerance to Carbohydrates and Fats
  • Individualized Vitamin and Micronutrient Needs
  • Alcohol and Caffeine Sensitivity
  • Lactose Intolerance
  • Muscle Performance
  • Inflammation
  • Post-Exercise Recovery
  • Recovery Nutrition
  • Injury Risk

Our Scientific Team Explains xChemistryFit

There are DNA Fitness tests already available, so what separates ours from the others?
Our team of scientists wanted to take DNA research to levels not attempted in the past to develop a personal profile that will provide a blueprint for nutrition and fitness to last a lifetime.  Many people, for example, have struggled their entire lives with their weight, dieting, weight regain, and health issues that are symptomatic of being overweight, with no hope of a lasting solution.  And yes, there are other DNA tests addressing these important issues, but none of them dig as deep into your personal genome as does ours.  In fact, we examine up to five times as many gene markers as our competition.
What else can this test discover in one’s personal DNA profile?
Not only does our xChemistryFit test uncover information that affects one’s weight, but focuses on other key areas like vitamins, supplements, and exercise.  The idea is to identify specific genes that are involved in processes that are predictive of specific outcomes, such as metabolism of fats and carbohydrates and the brain’s response to certain types of food.  These analyses can then correlate your personal profile with potential risks that could involve diabetes, obesity, lactose intolerance, and several other fundamental weight and dietary issues.
Are the findings in this DNA test able to suggest exercise regiments to supplement diet recommendations?
The simple answer is yes it does.  By analyzing very specific genes, we are able to determine an individual’s potential for endurance versus power, the predicted muscle fiber type, aerobic potential, risk of Achilles tendonitis, risk of hypertensive responses to exercise, and a multitude of other exercise related matters.  By knowing these variables, we can suggest personalized routines for training and preventing injury.

Keep in mind that our xChemistryFit test is not meant to replace standard medical exams and blood test analyses. We always advise regularly seeing your family physician for all the normal screenings that you’re accustomed to. Rather, ours is meant to augment those traditional medical tests by providing useful personal data to plan for long-term health management. Our goal is to provide a roadmap, optimizing good nutrition and exercise practices.