xChemistry DNA and National Medical Marijuana Card Announce Strategic Partnership

VANCOUVER, WA/BOCA RATON, FL — xChemistry DNA, the largest supplier of genetic-based cannabis testing, providing guidance for products managing chronic pain, sleep disorders and anxiety, and NationalMedicalMarijuanaCard.com, a leading online authority connecting patients to medical marijuana doctors, have announced a strategic partnership to promote greater visibility, understanding and accessibility of the medical cannabis marketplace.

Building on xChemistry’s revolutionary CannaGx DNA product and NationalMedicalMarijuanaCard.com’s expansion of the North American directory of clinics, doctors and dispensaries, the partnership will further the understanding and control of pain management issues, and provide avenues in which doctors can recommend the ideal cannabis products to their patients.

“People around the world have already started embracing DNA technology, and this personalized medicine campaign helps empower the way they live and function today,” says Chuck Nokes, CEO and Co-Founder of xChemistry DNA. “Our partnership with NationalMedicalMarijuanaCard.com will make it easier than ever to collaborate across both our platforms, giving patients the freedom to make decisions that lead to a better life.”

The aim of this precision medicine focus is to account for individual variability in environment, lifestyle and genetic profile when making medical decisions. Toward this end, each patient and their provider can receive a better understanding of how their genes relate to each other, and which cannabis recommendations can successfully curb the symptoms of chronic pain, sleep disorders and stress/anxiety.

“As of January, 2018, the legalization of medical marijuana in some form has extended to 30 states and the District of Columbia.  We are working to connect medical marijuana clinics, doctors and dispensaries to patients who suffer from various types of illness, diseases, debilitating conditions or chronic pain/symptoms.” says NMMC Founder Jason Kahan.  “Our connection with xChemistry is driving the implementation of programs and education that result in a more content patient.”

xChemistry has spent years working to combine cutting-edge research with the latest technology to reveal details about an individual’s unique health and wellness requirements. xChemistry DNA tests will be available to all NationalMedicalMarijuanaCard.com patients and partners to identify their own unique genetic profile, with follow-up assistance and guidance from local doctors and medical clinics.

About NationalMedicalMarijuanaCard.com

NationalMedicalMarijuanaCard.com is the trusted gateway for patients searching for safe access to medical marijuana treatment in their state. We provide patients options for selecting a marijuana licensed doctor and requesting an appointment for a medical marijuana evaluation. Access to doctors within your area can be secured by visiting http://www.nationalmedicalmarijuanacard.com or call: 855-748-2273 (CARD)

About xChemistry DNA
Established in 2016, xChemistry DNA’s research and testing provide the most ethical, reliable, and reputable science available to support the ever-growing passion of people to improve their health and enhance their lifestyle experience.  For more information, please visit http://www.xchemistrydna.com or call: 833-924-3623

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