Who We Are

Headquartered in Vancouver, Washington, xChemistry DNA was founded on the premise that scientifically analyzing a person’s DNA would reveal health, nutritional and fitness information that would lead to personal choices positively affecting one’s life experiences.  Consequently, after years of research, our Chief Science Officer, Charles Sailey and his team of scientists, not only proved this notion valid, but have made these extremely easy to administer DNA tests available to people of all ages and all walks of life.      

Our team of executives and scientists has decades of cumulative experience in the world of DNA analysis.  We’re committed to continuing the search for additional knowledge that when put into motion will further enhance personalized nutrition and exercise. We will also strive to personalize paths to health treatments that will eliminate the use of potentially harmful, and sometimes addictive, medications.  Simply, our goal is global health and fitness…one DNA test at a time.

Meet Our Executive Team

Chuck Nokes

Co-Founder, CEO

Experienced CEO with over 30 years of leading high growth campaigns in various stages of maturity

14 years medical device go-to-market experience

Led five successful startups
Successfully raised over $250M in startup funding

Successfully planned and executed the international expansion of a Life Sciences Company

Zac Simma

Co-Founder, President/CFO

Seasoned operations and financial executive with 15 years experience

Led six successful corporate turnarounds, one startup and 40 M&A transactions

Proven track record in:

  • Leadership
  • Execution
  • Strategic Planning
  • Operations Management
  • FP&A

Senior Management

Stuart Bennett

Director, Sales and Marketing

Strong technical and business qualifications with over 20 years as proven sales and marketing executive

Deep industry knowledge of healthcare management, environmental lab testing and consumer electronics/IT

Led two successful IPO’s with over $50M in capital funding

Ability to lead diverse teams in large scale marketing and sales campaigns for increasing revenues and improving customer service

This DNA test unlocks knowledge about your health that is stored in your genes. It identifies potential risks and positive outcomes of using cannabis based on your specific DNA. From details on how certain compounds in cannabis can help you live a more pain-free life, to identifying your addiction level to prescription medications, CannaGX provides you with the information you need to make personalized decisions for your health. Buy CannaGx
Results of this DNA test confidently directs you, in scientific detail, how you can lose weight and keep if off. It also tells you what foods to focus on and how dietary ratios play into optimizing vitamin intake and utilization. Lastly, it will create a personalized training routine to augment your nutritional needs. All your personal data will be right there in your report; easy to understand and easier to put into action. Buy xChemistryFit